2014 Workshop

May 19, 2014
May 19, 2014 - May 20, 2014


Penn State University, PA


The Fusarium Research Laboratory hosted this workshop which included time to work on shared resources like the USCCN website. PSU labs included the E. coli reference collection, the mushroom spawn lab, and the growing Verticillium collection.


May 2014 Workshop of the US Culture Collection Network at Penn State University.

Prof. D. Geiser of the PSU Department of Plant Pathology is hosting the workshop.
(* indicates confirmed presentations)

Monday, May 19:

Lunch at Nittany Lion Inn.

1:00 PM to 4:30 PM:  Talks/Discussions,

David Geiser*                   The Fusarium Research Center/ welcome etc
Kevin McCluskey*              A path to a National Plant Microbial Germplasm System
Deb Fravel*                       A brief history of the USDA Plant Germplasm System

Coffee Break,

More Talks/Discussions

Philippe  Desmeth             TRUST, a proposed code of conduct for transparent exchange of micro-organisms
George Garrity                  Standards promote open and fair exchange

5:30 PM:   Dinner

Barb Christ                        Welcome
Kyria Boundy-Mills              Phaff Yeast Collection
Lucy Joseph                       UC Davis Oenological Yeast Collection

Tuesday, May 20:

8:00 AM – noon:  Breakfast at Nittany Lion Inn,


Arianna Broggiato*            Culture exchange Survey results
Anthony Cova*                   A MTA based system for open exchange
David Smith*                     The MIRRI system for insuring regulatory compliance

Coffee Break,

More Talks/Discussions at NLI

Aric Wiest*                      Developing sustainability for the FGSC
Scott Bates*                    The UMN Mycological Culture Collection
Dan Lindner*                    Recent progress at the USFS
Todd Ward*                      Update on NRRL funding in a post OSTP 2014 memo environment

Noon: Lunch at Nittany Lion Inn

1:00 PM:  Tour of Fusarium Research Center culture collection.

2:20 PM: Tour of the E. coli Reference Center.  http://ecoli.cas.psu.edu.

3:20 PM:  Vist PSU Creamery. http://creamery.psu.edu/

4:00 PM:  Shuttles to airport from NLI for those leaving on evening flights to Chicago, Detroit, Philly.

6:00 PM:  Dinner at a downtown State College restaurant for people staying overnight.