Plant Cell Culture Library (PCCL)

September 9, 2022

Organizational structure


Collection Institution/Entity

Institute for Applied Life Sciences, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Staff working with the Collection


Collection Contact

Michael P Daley

Position of Collection contact

Director, Cell Culture Core Facility, Institute for Applied Life Sciences, UMASS Amherst

Collection Email

Collection Phone


Collection can be contacted


  • Interested in working with samples from different repositories
  • Interested in Collaborative Programs
  • Has continued institutional support
  • Collection contains reference strains
  • Ability to accept orphan collections

Collection Category

Research collection (industry or research collection; does not include a plan to distribute strains)

Collection follows best management practice guideline

None of the Above

Organisms in Collection

Plant cell callus cultures

Training opportunities provided by Collection

Does not provide training

Funding Sources for Research performed with Collection specimens

National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Availability and distribution mechanisms

Fee per strain for distribution

Services provided by Collection

Not applicable

Consultations provided by Collection

Propagation, Shipment regulations

Research fields relevant to Collection

Agriculture, Ecology, Fermentation, Food science, Molecular biology, Plant pathology, Starter cultures for foods/beverages, Synthetic biology

Species in Collection.

Species quantity
× Amelasorbus jackii inquire
× Gasteraloe bedinghausii inquire
× Sorbaronia dippelii inquire
× Sorbocotoneaster pozdnjakovii inquire
Abelmoschus moschatus inquire
Abronia argillosa inquire
Abronia latifolia inquire
Abutilon grandifolium inquire
Abutilon megapotamicum inquire
Abutilon pauciflorum inquire
Abutilon sonneratianum inquire
Abutilon theophrasti inquire
Abutilon x hybridum inquire
Acacia aneura inquire
Acacia concurrens inquire
Acacia cyclops inquire
Acacia deanei inquire
Acacia erioloba inquire
Acacia falcata inquire
Acacia floribunda inquire
Acacia karroo inquire
Acacia lineata inquire
Acacia saligna inquire
Acacia stricta inquire
Acacia suaveolens inquire
Acaena inermis inquire
Acanthocalycium spiniflorum inquire
Acanthus hungaricus inquire
Acanthus mollis inquire
Acanthus spinosus inquire
Acer davidii inquire
Acer negundo inquire
Acer pseudoplatanus inquire
Achillea millefolium inquire
Acmella oleracea inquire
Acmella paniculata inquire
Acokanthera spectabilis inquire
Acrodon Subulatus inquire
Actinidia arguta inquire
Actinidia arguta var. purpurea inquire
Actinidia chinensis inquire
Actinidia polygama inquire
Adansonia digitata inquire
Adelocaryum coelestinum inquire
Adenia stenodactyla inquire
Adenolobus pechuelii inquire
Adenophora khasiana inquire
Adenophora liliifolia inquire
Adenophora pereskiifolia inquire
Adenophora tashiroi inquire
Adromischus umbraticola inquire
Aechmea weilbachii inquire
Aeluropus littoralis inquire
Aeschynomene indica inquire
Aesculus hippocastanum inquire
Aethusa cynapium inquire
Agapanthus inapertus inquire
Agapetes incurvata inquire
Agapetes lobbii inquire
Agastache cana inquire
Agastache foeniculum inquire
Agathosma serpyllacea inquire
Agave victoriae-reginae inquire
Ageratum houstonianum inquire
Agrostemma githago inquire
Agrostis capillaris inquire
Agrostis castellana inquire
Agrostis gigantea inquire
Agrostis vinealis inquire
Ailanthus altissima inquire
Ajuga reptans inquire
Alcea rosea inquire
Alcea rugosa inquire
Alectra orobanchoides inquire
Alectra vogelii inquire
Alibertia dwyeri inquire
Aliciella formosa inquire
Aliciella stenothyrsa inquire
Allamanda cathartica inquire
Allamanda neriifolia inquire
Allium cernuum inquire
Allium farreri inquire
Allocasuarina decaisneana inquire
Allocasuarina distyla inquire
Allocasuarina helmsii inquire
Allocasuarina littoralis inquire
Allocasuarina torulosa inquire
Alnus alnobetula Subsp. sinuata inquire
Aloe ferox inquire
Aloe zebrina inquire
Aloinopsis lodewykii inquire
Aloinopsis luckhoffii inquire
Aloinopsis malHerbei inquire
Aloinopsis orpenii inquire
Aloinopsis rosulata inquire
Aloinopsis rubrolineata inquire
Aloinopsis schooneesii inquire
Aloinopsis setifera inquire
Aloinopsis villetii inquire
Aloysia triphylla inquire
Alphitonia excelsa inquire
Alstonia venenata inquire
Althaea armeniaca inquire
Althaea officinalis inquire
Alyogyne huegelii inquire
Amaranthus acutilobus inquire
Amaranthus caudatus inquire
Amberboa moschata inquire
Amblyolepis setigera inquire
Amblyopetalum coccineum inquire
Amelanchier canadensis inquire
Amelanchier stolonifera inquire
Ammi majus inquire
Ammophila arenaria inquire
Ammoselinum popei inquire
Amoreuxia palmatifida inquire
Ampelocissus costaricensis inquire
Ampelocissus elephantina inquire
Ampelodesmos mauritanicus inquire
Ampelopsis cordata inquire
Amphicarpaea bracteata inquire
Amsonia illustris inquire
Amyris pinnata inquire
Anacampseros karasmontana inquire
Anacampseros lanceolata inquire
Anagallis arvensis inquire
Anagallis monelli inquire
Anarrhinum bellidifolium inquire
Anarrhinum corsicum inquire
Androcymbium melanthioides inquire
Androsace lactiflora inquire
Androsace villosa inquire
Andryala integrifolia inquire
Anemone pulsatilla inquire
Anethum graveolens inquire
Angelica archangelica inquire
Angelica purpurascens inquire
Angelica saxatilis inquire
Angelica taiwaniana inquire
Angophora costata inquire
Angophora hispida inquire
Anisodontea elegans inquire
Anisomeles indica inquire
Anoda lanceolata inquire
Anredera baselloides inquire
Antennaria parvifolia inquire
Anthyllis vulneraria inquire
Antigonon leptopus inquire
Antimima aristulata inquire
Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii inquire
Antirrhinum latifolium inquire
Aotus tietkensii inquire
Apatesia helianthoides inquire
Apera spica-venti inquire
Aphelandra maculata inquire
Apiaceae sp. inquire
Apium nodiflorum inquire
Aquilegia buergeriana inquire
Arabidopsis thaliana inquire
Arachis hypogaea inquire
Arctium lappa inquire
Arctium minus inquire
Arctotis fastuosa inquire
Ardisia crispa inquire
Aremonia agrimonoides inquire
Arenaria armerina inquire
Arenaria gothica inquire
Arenaria montana inquire
Arenaria tmolea inquire
Argocoffeopsis rupestris inquire
Argyreia nervosa inquire
Argyroderma congregatum inquire
Argyroderma delaetii inquire
Argyroderma patens inquire
Argyrolobium zanonii inquire
Ariocarpus agavioides inquire
Ariocarpus retusus Subsp. trigonus inquire
Arisaema dracontium inquire
Aristolochia labiata inquire
Aristolochia littoralis inquire
Aristolochia x kewensis inquire
Aristotelia chilensis inquire
Armeria pseudoarmeria inquire
Armoracia rusticana inquire
Arnica montana inquire
Arnica sachalinensis inquire
Arnoseris minima inquire
Arrojadoa rhodantha inquire
Artemisia afra inquire
Artemisia scoparia inquire
Asclepias amplexicaulis inquire
Asclepias asperula inquire
Asclepias cancellata inquire
Asclepias cryptoceras inquire
Asclepias fascicularis inquire
Asclepias hirtella inquire
Asclepias linaria inquire
Asparagus aethiopicus inquire
Asparagus officinalis inquire
Asparagus pseudoscaber inquire
Asparagus sp. inquire
Asparagus virgatus inquire
Asperula orientalis inquire
Aster lanceolatus inquire
Astragalus arnottianus inquire
Astragalus australis inquire
Astragalus bisulcatus inquire
Astragalus ceramicus inquire
Astragalus contortuplicatus inquire
Astragalus gilviflorus inquire
Astragalus kenTrophyta inquire
Astragalus panamintensis inquire
Astragalus pectinatus inquire
Astragalus sanguinolentus inquire
Astrebla lappacea inquire
Astroloba foliolosa inquire
Astydamia latifolia inquire
Asyneuma lobelioides inquire
Asystasia gangetica inquire
Atriplex codonocarpa inquire
Atriplex holocarpa inquire
Atriplex hortensis inquire
Atriplex nuttallii inquire
Atriplex patula inquire
Azorina vidalii inquire
Babiana fragrans inquire
Baileya multiradiata inquire
Ballota nigra inquire
Balsamorhiza sagittata inquire
Barleria prionitis inquire
Bassia scoparia inquire
Bauhinia corymbosa inquire
Bauhinia divaricata inquire
Bauhinia thonningii inquire
Bauhinia yunnanensis inquire
Beaufortia squarrosa inquire
Beaumontia grandiflora inquire
Bencomia caudata inquire
Berberis hauniensis inquire
Berberis iliensis inquire
Berberis lycium inquire
Berberis regeliana inquire
Berberis turcomanica inquire
Berberis x notabilis inquire
Bergenia crassifolia inquire
Bergenia purpurascens inquire
Bergeranthus artus inquire
Bergeranthus multiceps inquire
Bergeranthus scapiger inquire
Bergeranthus vespertinus inquire
Betula occidentalis inquire
Betula pendula inquire
Betula resinifera inquire
Beyeria viscosa inquire
Bidens humilis inquire
Billardiera fusiformis inquire
Biscutella neustriaca inquire
Bituminaria bituminosa inquire
Bixa orellana inquire
Blumea balsamifera inquire
Boltonia asteroides var. latisquama inquire
Bolusanthus speciosus inquire
Bouchea pseudochascanum inquire
Bouteloua gracilis inquire
Bouvardia ternifolia inquire
Brachyglottis compacta inquire
Brachystelma pygmaeum inquire
Brassica napus inquire
Brassica oleracea inquire
Braunsia apiculata inquire
Bromus inermis inquire
Brosimum utile inquire
Browallia speciosa inquire
Brugmansia sanguinea inquire
Brunfelsia undulata inquire
Brunnera macrophylla inquire
Brunonia australis inquire
Buddleja alternifolia inquire
Buddleja colvilei inquire
Buddleja davidii inquire
Buddleja forrestii inquire
Buddleja macrostachya inquire
Buddleja utahensis inquire
Bulbine praemorsa inquire
Bunium bulbocastanum inquire
Bupleurum rotundifolium inquire
Burchellia bubalina inquire
Bursaria spinosa inquire
Bursera cerasifolia inquire
Bussea massaiensis inquire
Byblis liniflora inquire
Byrsonima crassifolia inquire
Byttneria aculeata inquire
Cajanus cajan inquire
Calceolaria chelidonioides inquire
Calceolaria mexicana inquire
Calendula arvensis inquire
Calliandra tweedii inquire
Callicarpa japonica inquire
Callichilia Subsessilis inquire
Callisia warszewicziana inquire
Callistephus chinensis inquire
Calluna vulgaris inquire
Calonyction aculeatum inquire
Calophaca wolgarica inquire
Calothamnus gilesi inquire
Calothamnus gilesii inquire
CaloTropis procera inquire
Calycanthus chinensis inquire
Calycanthus floridus var. glaucus inquire
Calycanthus occidentalis inquire
Calylophus hartwegii inquire
Calylophus lavandulifolia inquire
Calystegia malacophylla inquire
Calystegia sepium inquire
Camassia leichtlinii inquire
Camellia japonica inquire
Campanula alliariifolia inquire
Campanula armena inquire
Campanula bellidifolia inquire
Campanula betulifolia inquire
Campanula cenisia inquire
Campanula cochleariifolia inquire
Campanula elatinoides inquire
Campanula excisa inquire
Campanula formanekiana inquire
Campanula fragilis inquire
Campanula glomerata inquire
Campanula grossekii inquire
Campanula incurva inquire
Campanula isophylla inquire
Campanula lactiflora inquire
Campanula latifolia inquire
Campanula macrorhiza inquire
Campanula patula inquire
Campanula pendula inquire
Campanula prenanthoides inquire
Campanula pyramidalis inquire
Campanula rapunculoides inquire
Campanula rapunculus inquire
Campanula rotundifolia inquire
Campanula sarmatica inquire
Campanula saxifraga inquire
Campanula scheuchzeri inquire
Campanula sibirica inquire
Campanula spicata inquire
Campanula trachelium inquire
Campanula tridentata inquire
Campanula troegerae inquire
Campanula zangezura inquire
Campsis grandiflora inquire
Campsis radicans inquire
Canarina canariensis inquire
Cantua buxifolia inquire
Capparis chrysomeia inquire
Capsicum annuum inquire
Capsicum chinense inquire
Caralluma rogersii inquire
Carapa guianensis inquire
Carex baccans inquire
Carex hispida inquire
Carex pseudocyperus inquire
Carex testacea inquire
Carex vulpinoidea inquire
Carica papaya inquire
Carica x pentagona inquire
Carissa haematocarpa inquire
Carpesium cernuum inquire
Carpobrotus deliciosus inquire
Carpobrotus edulis inquire
Carpobrotus muirii inquire
Carpobrotus quadrifidus inquire
Carpobrotus virescens inquire
Carthamus tinctorius inquire
Cassia grandis inquire
Cassia hebecarpa inquire
Castilleja hispida inquire
Castilleja integra inquire
Castilleja plagiotoma inquire
Catalpa bignonioides inquire
Catalpa bungei inquire
Catalpa ovata inquire
Catananche caerulea inquire
Catha edulis inquire
Catharanthus roseus inquire
Cayaponia sp. inquire
Caylusea abyssinica inquire
Ceanothus arboreus inquire
Ceanothus 'Concha' inquire
Ceanothus Herbaceus inquire
Ceanothus sanguineus inquire
Ceanothus tomentosus inquire
Ceiba insignis inquire
Ceiba pentandra inquire
Celastrus paniculatus inquire
Celastrus scandens inquire
Centaurea americana inquire
Centaurea benedicta inquire
Centaurea cyanus inquire
Centaurea debeauxii inquire
Centaurea iberica inquire
Centaurea leucophaea inquire
Centaurea macrocephala inquire
Centaurea nigra inquire
Centaurea paniculata inquire
Centaurea salonitana inquire
Centaurea scabiosa inquire
Centaurea stoebe inquire
Centaurea uniflora inquire
Centaurium erythraea inquire
Centella asiatica inquire
Centranthus macrosiphon inquire
Centranthus ruber inquire
Centratherum confertum inquire
Cephaelis beeriana inquire
Cephalanthus occidentalis inquire
Cephalocereus palmeri inquire
Cephalophyllum alstonii inquire
Cephalophyllum caespitosum inquire
Cephalophyllum pillansii inquire
Cephalophyllum purpureoalbum inquire
Ceraria pygmaea inquire
Ceratonia siliqua inquire
Ceratotheca sesamoides inquire
Cercis canadensis var. texensis inquire
Cercocarpus montanus var. glaber inquire
Cereus grandicostatus inquire
Cerinthe glabra inquire
Cerinthe major inquire
Ceropegia stapeliaeformis inquire
Cestrum diurnum inquire
Cestrum parqui inquire
Chaenactis stevioides inquire
Chaenomeles japonica inquire
Chaerophyllum aureum inquire
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana inquire
Chamaecytisus frivaldszkyanus inquire
Chasmanthe floribunda inquire
Chaunochiton kappleri inquire
Cheilocostus speciosus inquire
Cheiridopsis acuminata inquire
Cheiridopsis caroli-schmidtii inquire
Cheiridopsis herrei inquire
Cheiridopsis namaquensis inquire
Cheiridopsis pillansii inquire
Chenopodium ambrosioides inquire
Chenopodium hybridum inquire
Chenopodium rubrum inquire
Chiliotrichum diffusum inquire
Chilopsis linearis inquire
Chimonanthus praecox inquire
Chionanthus nitens inquire
Chironia melampyrifolia inquire
Chironia purpurascens inquire
Chondrilla juncea inquire
Christia vespertilionis inquire
Chrysanthemum frutescens inquire
Chrysocoma coma-aurea inquire
Chrysopogon serrulatus inquire
Chrysothemis villosa inquire
Chylismia cardiophylla inquire
Cichorium intybus inquire
Cinnamomum camphora inquire
Cirsium acaule inquire
Cirsium candelabrum inquire
Cirsium eriophorum inquire
Cirsium ferox inquire
Cirsium monspessulanum inquire
Cirsium odontolepis inquire
Cirsium oleraceum inquire
Cirsium rivulare inquire
Cirsium shansiense inquire
Cirsium texanum inquire
Cissus oblonga inquire
Cissus striata inquire
Cissus striata Subsp. argentina inquire
Cissus verticillata inquire
Cistanthe grandiflora inquire
Cistanthe umbellata inquire
Cistus laurifolius inquire
Cistus psilosepalus inquire
Cistus salviifolius inquire
Cistus symphytifolius inquire
Cistus x nigricans inquire
Citrullus sp. inquire
Citrus sinensis inquire
Citrus x paradisi inquire
Cladrastis kentukea inquire
Clarkia amoena Subsp. lindleyi inquire
Clarkia pulchella inquire
Clematis aethusifolia inquire
Clematis chinensis inquire
Clematis viticella inquire
Cleome gynandra inquire
Cleome serrulata inquire
Cleonia lusitanica inquire
Clerodendrum bungei inquire
Clerodendrum colebrookianum inquire
Clinopodium menthifolium inquire
Clinopodium vulgare inquire
Cnidium dauricum inquire
Cnidium silaifolium inquire
Coccocypselum Herbaceum inquire
Coccoloba tiliacea inquire
Cocculus orbiculatus inquire
Cochlospermum fraseri inquire
Cochlospermum gillivraei inquire
Codonanthe crassifolia inquire
Codonopsis pilosula Subsp. tangshen inquire
Coleocephalocereus aureus inquire
Coleotrype goudotii inquire
Colletia hystrix inquire
Collinsia verna inquire
Columnea sanguinea inquire
Coluria geoides inquire
Colutea arborescens inquire
Comarum palustre inquire
Commelina dianthifolia inquire
Condalia buxifolia inquire
Conicosia elongata inquire
Conicosia pugioniformis inquire
Conium maculatum inquire
Conophytum bilobum inquire
Conophytum burgeri inquire
Conophytum calculus inquire
Conophytum concavum inquire
Conophytum ectypum inquire
Conophytum minimum inquire
Conophytum quaesitum inquire
Conophytum taylorianum Subsp. ernianum inquire
Conophytum truncatum inquire
Conophytum uviforme inquire
Conophytum uviforme Subsp. Subincanum inquire
Conophytum velutinum inquire
Conophytum wettsteinii Subsp. ruschii inquire
Conopodium majus inquire
Convolvulus arvensis inquire
Convolvulus cantabricus inquire
Convolvulus occidentalis inquire
Convolvulus siculus inquire
Conyza scabrida inquire
Copiapoa bridgesii inquire
Copiapoa cinerea inquire
Copiapoa humilis inquire
Coprosma baueri inquire
Coprosma propinqua inquire
Corchorus hirtus inquire
Corchorus olitorius inquire
Corchorus trilocularis inquire
Cordia africana inquire
Cordia decandra inquire
Cordyline australis inquire
Coreopsis lanceolata inquire
Coreopsis maritima inquire
Coreopsis stillmanii inquire
Coreopsis tinctoria inquire
Coriandrum sativum inquire
Coris monspeliensis inquire
Corispermum nitidum inquire
Cornus drummondii inquire
Cornus hemsleyi inquire
Cornus macrophylla inquire
Cornus sericea inquire
Coronilla coronata inquire
Coronilla juncea inquire
Corydalis sempervirens inquire
Corydalis solida Subsp. densiflora inquire
Corydalis turtschaninovii inquire
Corylus avellana inquire
Corynabutilon vitifolium inquire
Coryphantha robustispina Subsp. scheeri inquire
Costus spiralis inquire
Costus tappenbeckianus inquire
Cotoneaster × suecicus inquire
Cotoneaster bradyi inquire
Cotoneaster cashmiriensis inquire
Cotoneaster falconeri inquire
Cotoneaster frigidus inquire
Cotoneaster froebelii inquire
Cotoneaster glomerulatus inquire
Cotoneaster griffithii inquire
Cotoneaster harrysmithii inquire
Cotoneaster horizontalis inquire
Cotoneaster monopyrenus inquire
Cotoneaster niger inquire
Cotoneaster nohelii inquire
Cotoneaster pannosus inquire
Cotoneaster salicifolius inquire
Cotoneaster serotinus inquire
Cotoneaster simonsii inquire
Cotoneaster tardiflorus inquire
Cotoneaster tengyuehensis inquire
Cotoneaster tenuipes inquire
Cotoneaster turbinatus inquire
Cotoneaster uniflorus inquire
Cotoneaster zeravschanicus inquire
Cotula turbinata inquire
Cowania stansburyana inquire
Crassula acinaciformis inquire
Crassula capitella inquire
Crassula columnaris inquire
Crataegus jozana inquire
Crataegus tanacetifolia inquire
Crepis foetida inquire
Crepis rubra inquire
Crithmum maritimum inquire
Crossandra infundibuliformis inquire
Crotalaria capensis inquire
Crotalaria cunninghamii inquire
Crotalaria retusa inquire
Crotalaria scassellatii inquire
Crotalaria sp. inquire
Crotalaria sphaerocarpa inquire
Croton draco inquire
Croton megalobotrys inquire
Cryptantha flava inquire
Cryptantha paradoxa inquire
Cryptomeria japonica inquire
Cryptostegia grandiflora inquire
Cubanola domingensis inquire
Cucumis melo inquire
Cunninghamia lanceolata inquire
Cuphea lanceolata inquire
Cupressus arizonica inquire
Cupressus cashmeriana inquire
Curatella americana inquire
Cyanella hyacinthoides inquire
Cyanus montanus inquire
Cyclospermum leptophyllum inquire
Cycnium racemosum inquire
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa inquire
Cymbopogon pospischilii inquire
Cymopterus alpinus inquire
Cynara cardunculus inquire
Cyperus alternifolius inquire
Cyphostemma juttae inquire
Cyphostemma sandersonii inquire
Cyrilla racemiflora inquire
Dactylaena micrantha inquire
Dactylis glomerata inquire
Dais cotinifolia inquire
Dalbergia assamica inquire
Dalbergia melanoxylon inquire
Dalbergia obovata inquire
Dalbergia sp. inquire
Dalea purpurea inquire
Darmera peltata inquire
Datisca cannabina inquire
Datura innoxia inquire
Datura metel inquire
Datura suaveolens inquire
Daucus carota inquire
Decaisnea insignis inquire
Deilanthe hilmarii inquire
Delaetia glauca inquire
Delosperma aberdeenense inquire
Delosperma abyssinicum inquire
Delosperma ecklonis inquire
Delosperma lehmannii inquire
Delosperma lydenburgense inquire
Delosperma nakurense inquire
Delosperma sutherlandii inquire
Delosperma tradescantioides inquire
Delphinium carolinianum inquire
Delphinium ceratophorum inquire
Delphinium grandiflorum inquire
Delphinium zalil inquire
Dendrocalamus giganteus inquire
Dendrolobium lanceolatum inquire
Desmanthus leptolobus inquire
Dianthus alpinus inquire
Dianthus anatolicus inquire
Dianthus armeria inquire
Dianthus barbatus inquire
Dianthus biflorus inquire
Dianthus brevicaulis inquire
Dianthus caespitosus inquire
Dianthus carthusianorum inquire
Dianthus deltoides inquire
Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Arvernensis' inquire
Dianthus humilis inquire
Dianthus hyssopifolius inquire
Dianthus integer inquire
Dianthus knappii inquire
Dianthus microlepis inquire
Dianthus monspessulanus inquire
Dianthus nardiformis inquire
Dianthus pavonius inquire
Dianthus petraeus Subsp. orbelicus inquire
Dianthus rigidus inquire
Dianthus spiculifolius inquire
Dianthus superbus inquire
Dianthus tristis inquire
Diascia barberae inquire
Diascia integerrima inquire
Diascia longicornis inquire
Dicentra eximia inquire
Dichroa sp. inquire
Dichrostachys cinerea inquire
Dicliptera peruviana inquire
Dicliptera squarrosa inquire
Dicranostigma franchetianum inquire
Dicrocaulon ramulosum inquire
Dicrocaulon sp. inquire
Dictamnus albus inquire
Didymaotus lapidiformis inquire
Dieteria bigelovii inquire
Dietes bicolor inquire
Dietes grandiflora inquire
Digitalis grandiflora inquire
Digitalis laevigata inquire
Digitalis lanata inquire
Digitalis lutea inquire
Digitalis minor inquire
Digitalis parviflora inquire
Dimerocarpus brenieri inquire
Dinteranthus microspermus inquire
Dinteranthus pole-evansii inquire
Dionysia curviflora inquire
Dioscorea alata inquire
Dioscorea composita inquire
Dioscorea mexicana inquire
Diospyros dichrophylla inquire
Diospyros lycioides inquire
Diospyros pubescens inquire
Diospyros whyteana inquire
Discaria chacaye inquire
Dodonaea boroniifolia inquire
Dolichandra unguis-cati inquire
Dombeya autumnalis inquire
Dombeya cacuminum inquire
Dombeya rotundifolia inquire
Dombeya wallichii inquire
Doronicum cataractarum inquire
Doronicum grandiflorum inquire
Dorotheanthus apetalus inquire
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis inquire
Dorotheanthus oculatus inquire
Dorstenia elata inquire
Dracophilus dealbatus inquire
Dracophilus montis-draconis inquire
Dracophilus proximus inquire
Dregea sinensis inquire
Drosanthemum bellum inquire
Drosanthemum speciosum inquire
Duchesnea indica inquire
Duvalia parviflora inquire
Eberlanzia spinosa inquire
Ecballium elaterium inquire
Echinacea purpurea inquire
Echinocactus polycephalus inquire
Echinocereus berlandieri inquire
Echinocereus polyacanthus inquire
Echinofossulocactus crispatus inquire
Echinofossulocactus lloydii inquire
Echinomastus acunensis inquire
Echinops bannaticus inquire
Echium candicans inquire
Echium pininana inquire
Echium virescens inquire
Echium wildpretii inquire
Edraianthus serbicus inquire
Edraianthus tenuifolius inquire
Ehretia microphylla inquire
Ehrharta calycina inquire
Elaeagnus commutata inquire
Elephantopus mollis inquire
Ellisia nyctelea inquire
Elsholtzia stauntonii inquire
Embothrium coccineum inquire
Encelia californica inquire
Encelia farinosa inquire
Enceliopsis argophylla inquire
Encephalocarpus strobiliformis inquire
Enneapogon inquire
Enneapogon gracilis inquire
Entelea arborescens inquire
Enterolobium sp. inquire
Enteropogon monostachyos inquire
Epilobium hirsutum inquire
Epiphyllum hookeri inquire
Episcia cupreata inquire
Epithelantha micromeris Subsp. bokei inquire
Epithelantha micromeris var. dickisoniae inquire
Epithelantha micromeris var. neomexicana inquire
Epixiphium wislizeni inquire
Eranthemum nervosum inquire
Erechtites glomerata inquire
Eremocrinum albomarginatum inquire
Eremogone saxatilis inquire
Eremophila debilis inquire
Eremopyrum bonaepartis inquire
Eremurus olgae inquire
Eremurus stenophyllus inquire
Erepsia anceps inquire
Erepsia bracteata inquire
Erepsia lacera inquire
Eriastrum densifolium inquire
Eriastrum diffusum inquire
Erica cubica inquire
Erica glauca inquire
Erica inflata inquire
Erigeron breviscapus inquire
Erigeron canadensis inquire
Erigeron divergens inquire
Erigeron flettii inquire
Erigeron pulchellus inquire
Eriodictyon crassifolium inquire
Eriogonum caespitosum inquire
Eriogonum compositum inquire
Eriogonum ericifolium inquire
Eriogonum flavum inquire
Eriogonum jamesii inquire
Eriogonum pauciflorum inquire
Eriogonum tumulosum inquire
Eriosyce islayensis inquire
Erodium manescavi inquire
Eryngium campestre inquire
Eryngium maritimum inquire
Eryngium planum inquire
Eryngium x tripartitum inquire
Erythrina abyssinica inquire
Erythrina corallodendron inquire
Erythrina fusca inquire
Erythrina latissima inquire
Erythrina poeppigiana inquire
Erythrochiton brasiliensis inquire
Erythroxylum novogranatense inquire
Escallonia × rigida inquire
Escallonia sp. inquire
Eschscholzia caespitosa inquire
Eschscholzia californica inquire
Escobaria inquire
Escobaria missouriensis inquire
Ethulia conyzoides inquire
Eucalyptus aggregata inquire
Eucalyptus blakelyi inquire
Eucalyptus calycogona inquire
Eucalyptus camphora inquire
Eucalyptus cladocalyx inquire
Eucalyptus cosmophylla inquire
Eucalyptus dalrympleana inquire
Eucalyptus fraxinoides inquire
Eucalyptus glaucescens inquire
Eucalyptus globulus Subsp. bicostata inquire
Eucalyptus gunnii inquire
Eucalyptus johnstonii inquire
Eucalyptus kitsoniana inquire
Eucalyptus lansdowneana inquire
Eucalyptus leptocalyx inquire
Eucalyptus megacornuta inquire
Eucalyptus moorei inquire
Eucalyptus saligna inquire
Eucalyptus Subcrenulata inquire
Eucalyptus tereticornis inquire
Eucalyptus urnigera inquire
Eucalyptus xanthonema inquire
Euchile citrina inquire
Eucomis bicolor inquire
Eulobus californicus inquire
Euonymus americanus inquire
Euphorbia balsamifera inquire
Euphorbia characias inquire
Euphorbia cylindrifolia inquire
Euphorbia cyparissias inquire
Euphorbia hirta inquire
Euphorbia medicaginea inquire
Euphorbia neococcinea inquire
Euphorbia nicaeensis inquire
Euphorbia ornithopus inquire
Euphorbia polygona inquire
Euphorbia rigida inquire
Euphorbia schultzii inquire
Euphorbia segetalis inquire
Euphorbia taurinensis inquire
Euphorbia verrucosa inquire
Euphorbia wulfenii inquire
Eurybia schreberi inquire
Euryops wageneri inquire
Evolvulus arizonicus inquire
Exochorda racemosa Subsp. giraldii inquire
Fabiana imbricata inquire
Falkia repens inquire
Fallopia convolvulus inquire
Faucaria felina inquire
Faucaria tuberculosa inquire
Fedia cornucopiae inquire
Fenestraria rhopalophylla inquire
Ferocactus alamosanus inquire
Ferocactus cylindraceus inquire
Ferocactus gracilis Subsp. coloratus inquire
Ferocactus recurvus inquire
Ferula communis inquire
Ferula communis Subsp. linkii inquire
Ferula sadleriana inquire
Ferula tingitana inquire
Festuca ampla inquire
Festuca arvernensis inquire
Festuca idahoensis inquire
Festuca juncifolia inquire
Festuca trachyphylla inquire
Festuca valesiaca inquire
Ficus benghalensis inquire
Ficus bivalvata inquire
Ficus burkei inquire
Ficus carica inquire
Ficus craterostoma inquire
Ficus elastica inquire
Ficus enormis inquire
Ficus glumosa inquire
Ficus goldmanii inquire
Ficus habrophylla inquire
Ficus lapathifolia inquire
Ficus laurifolia inquire
Ficus lutea inquire
Ficus microcarpa inquire
Ficus natalensis inquire
Ficus nigropunctata inquire
Ficus paraensis inquire
Ficus religiosa inquire
Ficus retusa inquire
Ficus soatensis inquire
Ficus sp. inquire
Ficus vasta inquire
Ficus virens inquire
Fischeria panamensis inquire
Flemingia macrophylla inquire
Flourensia campestris inquire
Foeniculum vulgare  inquire
Forestiera pubescens inquire
Forsythia x intermedia inquire
Fouquieria burragei inquire
Fouquieria macdougalii inquire
Fouquieria ochoterenae inquire
Fouquieria splendens inquire
Francoa sonchifolia inquire
Fremontodendron mexicanum inquire
Fritillaria imperialis inquire
Fuchsia magellanica inquire
Fumaria officinalis inquire
Gaertnera sp. inquire
Galium album inquire
Gardenia cornuta inquire
Gardenia coronaria inquire
Gardenia jasminoides inquire
Gardenia sp. inquire
Gardenia ternifolia inquire
Gardenia thunbergia inquire
Gardenia volkensii inquire
Garrya fremontii inquire
Gasteria × worrinkae inquire
Gasteria acinacifolia inquire
Gasteria brevifolia inquire
Gasteria carinata var. verrucosa inquire
Gasteria nitida inquire
Gasteria obliqua inquire
Gastridium ventricosum inquire
Gaudinia fragilis inquire
Gaura mollis inquire
Gazania rigens inquire
Geissorhiza radians inquire
Genista linifolia inquire
Genista microphylla inquire
Genista tenera inquire
Gentiana andrewsii inquire
Gentiana angulosa inquire
Gentiana clausa inquire
Gentiana decumbens inquire
Gentiana dendrologi inquire
Gentiana macrophylla Subsp. fetisowii inquire
Gentiana moorcroftiana inquire
Gentiana parryi inquire
Gentiana septemfida Subsp. grossheimii inquire
Gentiana walujewii inquire
Geranium farreri inquire
Geranium sibiricum inquire
Geranium sylvaticum inquire
Geranium thunbergii inquire
Geranium traversii inquire
Geranium viscosissimum inquire
Geranium wilfordii inquire
Geranium yoshinoi inquire
Gerbera kunzeana inquire
Gibbaeum album inquire
Gibbaeum pachypodium inquire
Gibbaeum petrense inquire
Gibbaeum velutinum inquire
Gilia leptantha inquire
Gilia tricolor inquire
Gladiolus tristis inquire
Glandora oleifolia inquire
Gleditsia sinensis inquire
Globularia bisnagarica inquire
Globularia incanescens inquire
Globularia nudicaulis inquire
Globularia punctata inquire
Globularia trichosantha inquire
Globularia vulgaris inquire
Glottiphyllum linguiforme inquire
Glottiphyllum oligocarpum inquire
Glycine falcata inquire
Glycine max inquire
Glycine tomentella inquire
Glycyrrhiza echinata inquire
Glycyrrhiza glabra inquire
Glycyrrhiza lepidota inquire
Glycyrrhiza uralensis inquire
Gnaphalium uliginosum inquire
Godetia tenella inquire
Gomphocarpus fruticosus inquire
Gomphocarpus physocarpus inquire
Gomphrena globosa inquire
Gomphrena haageana inquire
Gomphrena serrata inquire
Gossypium anomalum inquire
Gossypium aridum inquire
Gossypium armourianum inquire
Gossypium darwinii inquire
Gossypium Herbaceum inquire
Gossypium hirsutum inquire
Grevea eggelingii inquire
Grevillea eriostachya inquire
Grevillea juniperina inquire
Grindelia integrifolia inquire
Gunniopsis quadrifidum inquire
Gutierrezia sarothrae inquire
Gymnanthemum corymbosum inquire
Gymnocalycium hyptiacanthum Subsp. uruguayense inquire
Gynura segetum inquire
Gypsophila pacifica inquire
Gypsophila paniculata inquire
Hablitzia tamnoides inquire
Habranthus tubispathus inquire
Hakea gibbosa inquire
Hakea suaveolens inquire
Halesia carolina inquire
Halesia tetraptera var. monticola inquire
Halimium lasianthum inquire
Halimodendron halodendron inquire
Haloragis erecta inquire
Haplopappus glutinosus inquire
Haplophyllum suaveolens inquire
Haumaniastrum katangense inquire
Hauya elegans Subsp. cornuta inquire
Hebe salicifolia inquire
Hebenstreitia dentata inquire
Hedera helix inquire
Hedypnois rhagadioloides inquire
Hedysarum microcalyx inquire
Heimia salicifolia inquire
Helianthemum croceum inquire
Helianthemum nummularium inquire
Helianthus annuus inquire
Helianthus bismarckianus inquire
Helianthus ciliaris inquire
Helianthus debilis inquire
Helianthus laetiflorus inquire
Helianthus maximiliani inquire
Helianthus petiolaris inquire
Helichrysum aureonitens inquire
Helichrysum marginatum inquire
Helichrysum setosum inquire
Helichrysum stoechas inquire
Helichrysum thianschanicum inquire
Helicteres isora inquire
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus inquire
Hemerocallis middendorffii inquire
Hemiptelea davidii inquire
Hemisorghum venustum inquire
Hereroa herrei inquire
Hereroa odorata inquire
Hereroa puttkameriana inquire
Hereroa teretifolia inquire
Hermannia disermifolia inquire
Hermannia flammea inquire
Hermannia hyssopifolia inquire
Hermannia saccifera inquire
Herniaria alpina inquire
Herniaria hirsuta inquire
Herreanthus meyeri inquire
Hesperantha pauciflora inquire
Hesperantha radiata inquire
Heteromorpha arborescens inquire
Heteropterys glabra inquire
Heteropterys nitida inquire
Heterotheca camporum inquire
Heterotheca mucronata inquire
Heuchera sanguinea inquire
Hibbertia scandens inquire
Hibiscus acetosella inquire
Hibiscus caesius inquire
Hibiscus calyphyllus inquire
Hibiscus cameronii inquire
Hibiscus cannabinus inquire
Hibiscus diversifolius inquire
Hibiscus engleri inquire
Hibiscus lobatus inquire
Hibiscus ludwigii inquire
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Insignus' inquire
Hibiscus taiwanensis inquire
Hibiscus vitifolius inquire
Hieracium albiflorum inquire
Hieracium cymosum inquire
Hieracium eriophorum inquire
Hieracium faeroënse inquire
Hieracium flagellare inquire
Hieracium lachenalii Subsp. cruentifolium inquire
Hieracium lachenalii Subsp. pinnatifidum inquire
Hieracium longipilum inquire
Hieracium norvegicum inquire
Hieracium praealtum inquire
Hieracium sabaudum Subsp. Sublactucaceum inquire
Hieracium saxifragum inquire
Hieracium speciosum inquire
Hieracium tomentosum inquire
Hieracium umbellatum inquire
Hieracium vetteri inquire
Hieracium villosum inquire
Hierochloe odorata inquire
Hippeastrum elwesii inquire
Hippophae rhamnoides inquire
Hoffmannia refulgens inquire
Hoffmannseggia repens inquire
Homalocladium platycladum inquire
Hoodia gordonii inquire
Hordeum jubatum inquire
Hordeum vulgare inquire
Horminum pyrenaicum inquire
Houstonia acerosa inquire
Hoya imperialis inquire
Hudsonia ericoides inquire
Humulus lupulus inquire
Hunteria ghanensis inquire
Hybanthus communis inquire
Hydrastis canadensis inquire
Hymenosporum flavum inquire
Hymenoxys scaposa inquire
Hymenoxys Subintegra inquire
Hyoscyamus albus inquire
Hyoscyamus niger inquire
Hypericum androsaemum inquire
Hypericum ascyron inquire
Hypericum bellum inquire
Hypericum capitatum inquire
Hypericum coris inquire
Hypericum forrestii inquire
Hypericum montanum inquire
Hypericum patulum inquire
Hypericum perforatum inquire
Hypocalymma angustifolium inquire
Hypochaeris radiata inquire
Hypoestes sanguinolenta inquire
Hyptis lanceolata inquire
Hyssopus officinalis inquire
Idesia polycarpa inquire
Ilex verticillata inquire
Iliamna rivularis inquire
Impatiens walleriana inquire
Incarvillea delavayi inquire
Incarvillea diffusa inquire
Incarvillea mairei inquire
Indigofera erecta inquire
Indigofera hochstetteri inquire
Indigofera tinctoria inquire
Indigofera volkensii inquire
Inga feuilleei inquire
Inga splendens inquire
Inga thibaudiana inquire
Inula britannica inquire
Inula ensifolia inquire
Inula helenium inquire
Inula magnifica inquire
Ipomoea albivenia inquire
Ipomoea bonariensis inquire
Ipomoea cholulensis inquire
Ipomoea hederifolia inquire
Ipomoea indica inquire
Ipomoea lobata inquire
Ipomoea muelleri inquire
Ipomoea nil inquire
Ipomoea pes-caprae inquire
Ipomoea polpha inquire
Ipomoea purpurea inquire
Ipomopsis aggregata inquire
Ipomopsis rubra inquire
Iris pseudacorus inquire
Iris sibirica inquire
Iseilema membranaceum inquire
Iseilema prostratum inquire
Isodon calycinus inquire
Isodon japonicus var. glaucocalyx inquire
Isotoma hypocrateriformis inquire
Iva xanthiifolia inquire
Ixeris chinensis inquire
Ixia dubia inquire
Ixia trifolia inquire
Ixia viridiflora inquire
Ixora coccinea inquire
Ixora javanica inquire
Jacksonia floribunda inquire
Jasione heldreichii inquire
Jasminum floridum inquire
Jasminum x stephanense inquire
Juglans ailanthifolia inquire
Juniperus chinensis inquire
Juniperus communis inquire
Juniperus virginiana inquire
Jurinea mollis inquire
Juttadinteria decumbens inquire
Juttadinteria simpsonii inquire
Juttadinteria suavissima inquire
Juttadinteria tetrasepala inquire
Kalanchoe gracilipes inquire
Kalanchoe rotundifolia inquire
Kerria japonica inquire
Khadia acutipetala inquire
Khaya anthotheca inquire
Kickxia spuria inquire
Klasea lycopifolia inquire
Kleinhovia hospita inquire
Knautia integrifolia inquire
Koelpinia linearis inquire
Kosteletzkya virginica inquire
Krascheninnikovia ceratoides inquire
Krigia virginica inquire
Kummerowia stipulacea inquire
Kydia calycina inquire
Lablab purpureus inquire
Lactuca biennis inquire
Lactuca canadensis inquire
Lactuca ludoviciana inquire
Lactuca sativa inquire
Lagerstroemia archeriana inquire
Laggera crispata inquire
Lagoecia cuminoides inquire
Lagopsis marrubiastrum inquire
Lagunaria patersonia inquire
Lagurus ovatus inquire
Lamarckia aurea inquire
Lampranthus bicolor inquire
Lampranthus emarginatus inquire
Lampranthus falcatus inquire
Lampranthus hoerleinianus inquire
Lampranthus multiradiatus inquire
Lampranthus spectabilis inquire
Landolphia heudelotii inquire
Lapeirousia plicata inquire
Lapidaria margaretae inquire
Lappula squarrosa inquire
Larrea nitida inquire
Larrea tridentata inquire
Lasthenia californica inquire
Lathyrus latifolius inquire
Lavandula canariensis inquire
Lavandula latifolia inquire
Lavandula multifida inquire
Lechenaultia biloba inquire
Leea guineensis inquire
Legousia speculum-veneris inquire
Leontodon rigens inquire
Leontopodium nivale Subsp. alpinum inquire
Leptodactylon californicum inquire
Leptopus chinensis inquire
Leptopyrum fumarioides inquire
Leptospermum petersonii inquire
Lessertia diffusa inquire
Lessertia spinescens inquire
Leucadendron gandogeri inquire
Leucadendron salicifolium inquire
Leucadendron uliginosum inquire
Leucaena leucocephala var. 'Cunningham' inquire
Leucanthemum vulgare inquire
Leucospermum praecox inquire
Leucospermum sp. inquire
Leycesteria formosa inquire
Liatris punctata inquire
Liatris spicata inquire
Ligusticum scoticum inquire
Ligustrum lucidum inquire
Ligustrum vulgare inquire
Limonium macrophyllum inquire
Limonium sinuatum inquire
Linanthus liniflorus inquire
Linanthus pungens inquire
Linaria amethystea inquire
Linaria dalmatica inquire
Linaria genistifolia inquire
Linaria vulgaris inquire
Lindenbergia urticifolia inquire
Linum arboreum inquire
Linum austriacum inquire
Linum bienne inquire
Linum leucanthum inquire
Linum mucronatum inquire
Linum nodiflorum inquire
Linum usitatissimum inquire
Liriodendron tulipifera inquire
Lithops bella inquire
Lithops dorotheae inquire
Lithops hallii inquire
Lithops helmutii inquire
Lithops julii inquire
Lithops karasmontana inquire
Lithops meyeri inquire
Lithops naureeniae inquire
Lithops olivacea inquire
Lithops optica inquire
Lithops ruschiorum inquire
Lithops salicola inquire
Lithops schwantesii inquire
Lithops turbiniformis inquire
Lithops vallis-mariae inquire
Lithops verruculosa inquire
Lithraea brasiliensis inquire
Lobelia comosa inquire
Lobelia erinus inquire
Lobelia nummularia inquire
Lobelia tupa inquire
Lobelia valida inquire
Lolium × hybridum inquire
Lolium remotum inquire
Lolium rigidum inquire
Lolium temulentum inquire
Lonchocarpus muehlenbergianus inquire
Lonicera angustifolia inquire
Lonicera caerulea inquire
Lonicera edulis inquire
Lonicera hildebrandiana inquire
Lonicera japonica inquire
Lonicera obovata inquire
Lonicera periclymenum inquire
Lonicera standishii inquire
Lonicera tartarica inquire
Lonicera x minutiflora inquire
Lophophora williamsii inquire
Lotus campylocladus inquire
Lotus peregrinus inquire
Ludwigia longifolia inquire
Lupinus albus inquire
Lupinus arizonicus inquire
Lupinus luteus inquire
Lupinus micranthus inquire
Lupinus perennis inquire
Lupinus texensis inquire
Luzula nivea inquire
Lychnis arkwrightii inquire
Lychnis wilfordii inquire
Lychnis x arkwrightii inquire
Lycium chilense inquire
Lycopersicon chmielewskii inquire
Lycopersicon glandulosum inquire
Lycopus exaltatus inquire
Lyperia lychnidea inquire
Lysimachia aTropurpurea inquire
Lysimachia nummularia inquire
Lysimachia vulgaris inquire
Lythrum salicaria inquire
Machaerium kegelii inquire
Macleaya microcarpa inquire
Maclura pomifera inquire
Maclura tricuspidata inquire
Macrotyloma axillare inquire
Macrotyloma uniflorum inquire
Madia sativa inquire
Maerua edulis inquire
Magnolia obovata inquire
Maihuenia poeppigii inquire
Maihueniopsis glomerata inquire
Malacothamnus densiflorus inquire
Malacothamnus fasciculatus inquire
Malephora lutea inquire
Malope trifida inquire
Malus baccata inquire
Malus denticulata inquire
Malus domestica inquire
Malus florentina inquire
Malus hupehensis inquire
Malus sargentii inquire
Malus x zumi inquire
Malva alcea inquire
Malva multiflora inquire
Malva preissiana inquire
Malva Subovata inquire
Malva sylvestris inquire
Malva verticillata inquire
Malvaviscus arboreus inquire
Mammillaria flavescens inquire
Mammillaria guelzowiana inquire
Mandevilla splendens inquire
Manfreda virginica inquire
Markhamia zanzibarica inquire
Marrubium vulgare inquire
Marsdenia floribunda inquire
Martynia louisiana inquire
Mascagnia macroptera inquire
Massonia echinata inquire
Massularia acuminata inquire
Matelea maritima inquire
Mathurina penduliflora inquire
Matthiola arborescens inquire
Medicago lupulina inquire
Medicago sativa inquire
Medinilla intermedia inquire
Melaleuca pulchella inquire
Melampodium leucanthum inquire
Melanoselinum decipiens inquire
Melicope ternata inquire
Melilotus officinalis inquire
Melilotus officinalis Subsp. alba inquire
Melissa officinalis inquire
Mentha spicata inquire
Mentzelia decapetala inquire
Mentzelia pumila inquire
Mertensia viridis inquire
Mesembryanthemum corallinum inquire
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum inquire
Mesembryanthemum guerichianum inquire
Mespilus germanica inquire
Mestoklema macrorhizum inquire
Metasequoia glyptostroboides inquire
Michauxia campanuloides inquire
Microchirita micromusa inquire
Microloma sagittatum inquire
Micropterum papulosum inquire
Mila caespitosa inquire
Mimosa lindheimeri inquire
Mimulus eastwoodiae inquire
Minuartia hybrida inquire
Mirabilis jalapa inquire
Mirabilis odorata inquire
Mirbelia platylobioides inquire
Mirbelia pungens inquire
Miscanthus sinensis inquire
Misopates orontium inquire
Mitella diphylla inquire
Mitella ovalis inquire
Mitragyna speciosa inquire
Moltkia petraea inquire
Momordica foetida inquire
Monardella breweri Subsp. lanceolata inquire
Monechma ciliatum inquire
Monolepis nuttalliana inquire
Monopsis lutea inquire
Monopsis unidentata inquire
Monsonia emarginata inquire
Montanoa grandiflora inquire
Moraea aristata inquire
Moraea pritzeLiana inquire
Morus alba inquire
Morus nigra inquire
Mostuea hirsuta inquire
Mucuna gigantea inquire
Mucuna nigricans inquire
Mucuna pruriens inquire
Muehlenbeckia adpressa inquire
Muehlenbeckia axillaris inquire
Mulguraea tridens inquire
Muscari armeniacum inquire
Muscari bourgaei inquire
Muscari sp. inquire
Mussaenda pilosissima inquire
Myoporum tetrandrum inquire
Myosotis arvensis inquire
Myrica cordifolia inquire
Myrsine africana inquire
Nananthus aloides inquire
Nananthus broomii inquire
Nananthus wilmaniae inquire
Nandina domestica inquire
Napaea dioica inquire
Narthex asafoetida inquire
Nautilocalyx forgetii inquire
Neillia thibetica inquire
Nemesia strumosa inquire
Neobesseya asperispina inquire
Neolamarckia cadamba inquire
Neonotonia wightii inquire
Nepeta × faasenii inquire
Nepeta argolica inquire
Nepeta bodeana inquire
Nepeta govaniana inquire
Nepeta racemosa inquire
Nepeta sp. inquire
Nertera balfouriana inquire
Nicotiana alata inquire
Nicotiana debneyi inquire
Nicotiana knightiana inquire
Nicotiana rustica var. rustica inquire
Nicotiana suaveolens inquire
Nicotiana tabacum inquire
Nicotiana tabacum var. fruticosa inquire
Nicotiana trigonophylla inquire
Nicotiana viscosa inquire
Nierembergia hippomanica inquire
Nigella sativa inquire
Nitraria schoberi inquire
Nolana humifusa inquire
Noltea africana inquire
Nothofagus alpina inquire
Nothofagus pumilio inquire
Notospartium glabrescens inquire
Nymania capensis inquire
Ocimum basilicum inquire
Ocimum gratissimum inquire
Odontophorus angustifolius inquire
Odontophorus nanus inquire
Oenanthe crocata inquire
Oenothera acaulis inquire
Oenothera deltoides inquire
Oenothera lamarckiana inquire
Oenothera missouriensis inquire
Oenothera rosea inquire
Olearia haastii inquire
Oncoba glauca inquire
Onobrychis arenaria inquire
Onobrychis montana inquire
Onobrychis viciifolia inquire
Ononis cristata inquire
Onopordum bracteatum inquire
Onopordum tauricum inquire
Onoseris sagittatus inquire
Onosma alborosea inquire
Onosma sericeum inquire
Onosma spruneri inquire
Onosma stellulatum inquire
Ophthalmophyllum australe inquire
Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae inquire
Ophthalmophyllum herrei inquire
Ophthalmophyllum longum inquire
Ophthalmophyllum praesectum inquire
Ophthalmophyllum vanheerdei inquire
Ophthalmophyllum verrucosum inquire
Opuntia echios inquire
Opuntia robusta inquire
Orbea lutea inquire
Orbea variegata inquire
Oreocereus hempelianus inquire
Oreocereus leucotrichus inquire
Ornithogalum conicum inquire
Ornithogalum dubium inquire
Ornithogalum princeps inquire
Ornithopus sativus inquire
Orobanche aegyptiaca inquire
Orobanche mutelii inquire
Orthrosanthus polystachyus inquire
Oryza sativa inquire
Osteomeles schwerinae inquire
Ottleya wrightii inquire
Ouratea sp. inquire
Oxalis hedysaroides inquire
Oxalis megalorrhiza inquire
Oxalis spiralis inquire
Oxalis tetraphylla inquire
Oxalis valdiviensis inquire
Oxyanthus formosus inquire
Oxybaphus nyctagineus inquire
Oxypetalum coeruleum inquire
Pachycarpus campanulatus inquire
Pachystachys lutea inquire
Paederia foetida inquire
Paeonia delavayi inquire
Paeonia tenuifolia inquire
Papaver alpinum inquire
Papaver orientale inquire
Papaver somniferum inquire
Pappophorum bicolor inquire
Paramoltkia doerfleri inquire
Paraserianthes lophantha inquire
Parmentiera aculeata inquire
Parthenocissus tricuspidata inquire
Passiflora alata inquire
Passiflora coccinea inquire
Passiflora foetida inquire
Passiflora gibertii inquire
Passiflora helleri inquire
Passiflora manicata inquire
Passiflora morifolia inquire
Passiflora vitifolia inquire
Pastinaca sativa inquire
Patersonia occidentalis inquire
Paullinia pinnata inquire
Pavonia spinifex inquire
Pediocactus schmiedickeanus inquire
Peganum harmala inquire
Pelargonium carnosum inquire
Pelargonium coronopifolium inquire
Pelargonium elongatum inquire
Pelargonium graveolens inquire
Pelargonium multicaule inquire
Peltophorum pterocarpum inquire
Penaea cneorum inquire
Penstemon albidus inquire
Penstemon antirrhinoides inquire
Penstemon barbatus inquire
Penstemon cyaneus inquire
Penstemon eriantherus inquire
Penstemon havardii inquire
Penstemon neomexicanus inquire
Penstemon nitidus inquire
Penstemon petiolatus inquire
Penstemon pseudospectabilis Subsp. clutei inquire
Pentachondra pumila inquire
Pentarrhinum insipidum inquire
Pentas lanceolata inquire
Peperomia pascuicola inquire
Peperomia trinervis inquire
Peraphyllum ramosissimum inquire
Pergularia daemia inquire
Periploca graeca inquire
Periploca laevigata inquire
Persicaria amphibia inquire
Persicaria hydropiper inquire
Petalostemon purpureus inquire
Petchia madagascariensis inquire
Petrorhagia saxifraga inquire
Petroselinum crispum inquire
Peucedanum caffrum inquire
Peucedanum carvifolia inquire
Peucedanum verticillare inquire
Phacelia ciliata inquire
Phacelia divaricata inquire
Phacelia sericea inquire
Phacelia tanacetifolia inquire
Phalaris aquatica inquire
Phalaris arundinacea inquire
Phaseolus coccineus inquire
Phaseolus vulgaris inquire
Phemeranthus brevicaulis inquire
Phemeranthus brevifolius inquire
Phemeranthus mengesii inquire
Phemeranthus parviflorus inquire
Phemeranthus spinescens inquire
Phemeranthus teretifolius inquire
Phemeranthus thompsonii inquire
Philadelphus × virginalis inquire
Philadelphus confusus inquire
Philadelphus floridus inquire
Philadelphus sp. inquire
Philadelphus Subcanus inquire
Philibertia gilliesii inquire
Philodendron imbe inquire
Phlomis fruticosa inquire
Phlox amoena inquire
Phlox longifolia inquire
Phyllanthus emblica inquire
Phyllis nobla inquire
Physaria chambersii inquire
Phyteuma spicatum inquire
Phytolacca esculenta inquire
Picris pauciflora inquire
Pilea nummularifolia inquire
Pilea nummulariifolia inquire
Pilosella peleteriana inquire
Pimpinella anisum inquire
Pimpinella saxifraga inquire
Pinguicula grandiflora inquire
Pinus coulteri inquire
Piper crocatum inquire
Piper cubeba inquire
Pitcairnia angustifolia inquire
Pitcairnia maidifolia inquire
Pittosporum tobira inquire
Pittosporum viridiflorum inquire
Plantago argentea inquire
Plantago lanceolata inquire
Plantago patagonica inquire
Plantago sempervirens inquire
Plantago stauntonii inquire
Platanus orientalis inquire
Platycodon grandiflorus inquire
Platymiscium parviflorum inquire
Plectranthus aegyptiacus inquire
Plectranthus ciliatus inquire
Plectranthus cylindraceus inquire
Plectranthus rehmannii inquire
Plectranthus scutellarioides inquire
Pleiospilos compactus Subsp. canus inquire
Pleiospilos compactus Subsp. fergusoniae inquire
Pleiospilos nelii inquire
Pleurophora anomala inquire
Plumbago zeylanica inquire
Poa Arctica inquire
Poa compressa inquire
Poa glauca inquire
Poa nemoralis inquire
Poa palustris inquire
Podolepis jaceoides inquire
Podolepis robusta inquire
Pogonarthria squarrosa inquire
Polemonium caeruleum inquire
Polemonium viscosum inquire
Poliomintha incana inquire
Polygala myrtifolia inquire
Polygala senega inquire
Polygonum affine inquire
Polygonum angustifolium inquire
Polygonum aviculare inquire
Polygonum tinctorium inquire
Polygonum viscosum inquire
Polypogon monspeliensis inquire
Pomaria jamesii inquire
Populus nigra inquire
Populus x canadensis inquire
Portulaca suffrutescens inquire
Potentilla hypArctica inquire
Potentilla recta inquire
Potentilla speciosa inquire
Prenia pallens inquire
Prenia sladeniana inquire
Primula × kewensis inquire
Primula beesiana inquire
Primula bulleyana inquire
Primula cockburniana inquire
Primula cortusoides inquire
Primula malacoides inquire
Prosopis sp. inquire
Protasparagus Subulatus inquire
Prunella grandiflora inquire
Prunella hyssopifolia inquire
Prunella vulgaris inquire
Prunus brachypoda inquire
Prunus dulcis inquire
Prunus humilis inquire
Prunus mandshurica inquire
Prunus pensylvanica inquire
Prunus persica inquire
Psathyrostachys sp. inquire
Pseudelephantopus spicatus inquire
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium inquire
Psidium cattleianum inquire
PsilosTrophe tagetina inquire
Psoralea bituminosa inquire
Psoralea esculenta inquire
Psoralea fleta inquire
Psoralea glabra inquire
Psorospermum sp. inquire
Psychotria carthagenensis inquire
Psychotria ligustrifolia inquire
Psychotria nervosa inquire
Psychotria orophila inquire
Ptelea baldwinii inquire
Pterocarya rhoifolia inquire
Ptilimnium capillaceum inquire
Ptychotis saxifraga inquire
Pueraria phaseoloides inquire
Pulicaria odora inquire
Pulsatilla wallichiana inquire
Pultenaea euchila inquire
Purshia mexicana inquire
Purshia tridentata inquire
Puya alpestris inquire
Pycnocomon rutifolium inquire
Pyracantha angustifolia inquire
Pyrus inquire
Pyrus regelii inquire
Quercus coccifera inquire
Quercus rubra inquire
Quercus x hickelii inquire
Quillaja saponaria inquire
Rabiea albipuncta inquire
Ranunculus cortusifolius inquire
Rapanea melanophloeos inquire
Ratibida columnifera inquire
Ratibida pinnata inquire
Rebutia minuscula inquire
Regelia inops inquire
Reseda lutea inquire
Reseda odorata inquire
Reseda phyteuma inquire
Retama monosperma inquire
Rhagadiolus stellatus inquire
Rheum australe inquire
Rheum compactum inquire
Rheum officinale inquire
Rheum palmatum inquire
Rheum rhaponticum inquire
Rhinephyllum frithii inquire
Rhinephyllum muirii inquire
Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides inquire
Rhodanthe maculata inquire
Rhodiola integrifolia inquire
Rhoicissus revoilii inquire
Rhombophyllum dolabriforme inquire
Rhus aromatica inquire
Rhus dentata inquire
Rhus trilobata inquire
Rhus typhina inquire
Ribes alpinum inquire
Ribes menziesii inquire
Ridolfia segetum inquire
Roella ciliata inquire
Romulea flava inquire
Rosa sericea inquire
Rosmarinus officinalis inquire
Rothmannia globosa inquire
Rouya polygama inquire
Rubia peregrina inquire
Rubus flosculosus inquire
Rubus fruticosus inquire
Rubus idaeus inquire
Rubus langei inquire
Rubus squarrosus inquire
Rubus tricolor inquire
Rubus ulmifolius inquire
Rudbeckia hirta inquire
Ruellia ciliatiflora inquire
Ruellia rosea inquire
Rulingia hermaniifolia inquire
Rumex acetosa inquire
Rumex longifolius inquire
Rumex obtusifolius inquire
Rumex sagittatus inquire
Rumex tuberosus inquire
Rupicapnos calcarata inquire
Rupicapnos coelerata inquire
Ruschia concinna inquire
Ruschia elevata inquire
Ruschia indurata inquire
Ruschia lineolata inquire
Ruschia macrocarpa inquire
Ruschia maxima inquire
Ruschia misera inquire
Ruschia pulchella inquire
Ruschia schneideriana inquire
Ruschia stenophylla inquire
Ruschia strubeniae inquire
Ruspolia seticalyx inquire
Ruta chalepensis inquire
Ruttya ovata inquire
Rytidosperma pallidum inquire
Sagina Subulata inquire
Salix matsudana inquire
Salix viminalis inquire
Salpiglossis sinuata inquire
Salvia candidissima inquire
Salvia carduacea inquire
Salvia dichroantha inquire
Salvia disermas inquire
Salvia hypargeia inquire
Salvia microphylla inquire
Salvia nilotica inquire
Salvia officinalis inquire
Salvia pachyphylla inquire
Salvia pratensis inquire
Salvia spathacea inquire
Salvia taraxacifolia inquire
Salvia tomentosa inquire
Salvia x superba inquire
Samolus valerandi inquire
Sanguisorba hakusanensis inquire
Sanguisorba officinalis inquire
Sansevieria canaliculata inquire
Sansevieria hahnii inquire
Sansevieria parva inquire
Sansevieria senegambica inquire
Saponaria bellidifolia inquire
Saponaria ocymoides inquire
Saponaria pumilio inquire
Sarcococca ruscifolia inquire
Sarracenia flava inquire
Satureja hortensis inquire
Saururus cernuus inquire
Saussurea weberi inquire
Scabiosa aTropurpurea inquire
Scabiosa lucida inquire
Scabiosa pyrenaica inquire
Scabiosa vestita inquire
Sceletium emarcidum inquire
Sceletium Subvelutinum inquire
Sceletium tortuosum inquire
Schaefferia frutescens inquire
Schima superba inquire
Schizanthus candidus inquire
Schizanthus wisetonensis inquire
Schlumbergera russelliana inquire
Schmidtia pappophoroides inquire
Schoenia cassiniana inquire
Schwantesia acutipetala inquire
Schwantesia ruedebuschii inquire
Sclerocactus glaucus inquire
Sclerocactus scheeri inquire
Sclerocactus whipplei inquire
Scopelogena gracilis inquire
Scrophularia californica inquire
Scrophularia nodosa inquire
Scrophularia orientalis inquire
Scutellaria prostrata inquire
Searsia populifolia inquire
Sebaea exacoides inquire
Secale cereale inquire
Securigera cretica inquire
Securigera varia inquire
Sedum anglicum inquire
Sedum cauticola ‘Lidakense’ inquire
Selago corymbosa inquire
Senecio articulatus inquire
Senecio cacaliaster inquire
Senecio citriformis inquire
Senecio doria inquire
Senecio elegans inquire
Senecio helminthioides inquire
Senecio herreianus inquire
Senecio jacobaea inquire
Senecio linearifolius inquire
Senecio mikanoides inquire
Senecio plattensis inquire
Senecio speciosus inquire
Senecio squalidus Subsp. aethnensis inquire
Senecio vitalis inquire
Senna artemisioides inquire
Senna artemisioides Subsp. sturtii inquire
Senna covesii inquire
Senna didymobotrya inquire
Senna petersiana inquire
Sequoiadendron giganteum inquire
Serjania cuspidata inquire
Serratula coronata inquire
Serratula tinctoria inquire
Sesamothamnus lugardii inquire
Sesamum indicum inquire
Seseli annuum inquire
Seseli montanum inquire
Sesuvium portulacastrum inquire
Seyrigia bosseri inquire
Sherardia arvensis inquire
Sida cordata inquire
Sida rhombifolia inquire
Sidastrum paniculatum inquire
Sideritis libanotica inquire
Silaum silaus inquire
Silene conica inquire
Silene cretica inquire
Silene elisabethae inquire
Silene flos-cuculi inquire
Silene fuscata inquire
Silene gallica inquire
Silene gigantea inquire
Silene hookeri inquire
Silene italica inquire
Silene nocturna inquire
Silene rupestris inquire
Silene sachalinensis inquire
Silene schafta inquire
Silene sieboldii inquire
Silene stellata inquire
Silene waldsteinii inquire
Silybum marianum inquire
Sinningia leucotricha inquire
Sinomenium acutum inquire
Siraitia grosvenorii inquire
Sobralia lucasiana inquire
Solanum abutiloides inquire
Solanum aTropurpureum inquire
Solanum bonariense inquire
Solanum campanulatum inquire
Solanum capsiciforme inquire
Solanum crispum inquire
Solanum douglasii inquire
Solanum dulcamara inquire
Solanum erianthum inquire
Solanum hartwegii inquire
Solanum hoehnei inquire
Solanum jamaicense inquire
Solanum macrocarpon inquire
Solanum madagascariense inquire
Solanum mauritianum inquire
Solanum melongena inquire
Solanum nigrum inquire
Solanum nitidibaccatum inquire
Solanum olgae inquire
Solanum peruvianum inquire
Solanum pimpinellifolium inquire
Solanum pseudolulo inquire
Solanum robustum inquire
Solanum scabrum inquire
Solanum simile inquire
Solanum sisymbriifolium inquire
Solanum sodomaeum inquire
Solanum sp. inquire
Solanum triflorum inquire
Solanum tuberosum inquire
Solanum villosum inquire
Solenopsis laurentia inquire
Solidago virgaurea inquire
Sommera donnell-smithii inquire
Sonchus maritimus inquire
Sophora tomentosa inquire
Sorbopyrus auricularis inquire
Sorbus × tomentella inquire
Sorbus torminalis inquire
Sparmannia ricinocarpa inquire
Spermacoce sp. inquire
Sphalmanthus trichotomus inquire
Spiraea decumbens inquire
Spyridium globulosum inquire
Stachys maritima inquire
Stachys recta inquire
Stachys sylvatica inquire
Stachytarpheta cayennensis inquire
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis inquire
Stapelia tapscottii inquire
Staphylea pinnata inquire
Stellaria radians inquire
Stenotus acaulis inquire
Stewartia pseudocamellia inquire
Stomatostemma monteiroae inquire
Striga hermonthica inquire
Strophanthus divaricatus inquire
Stylobasium spathulatum inquire
Styrax officinalis inquire
Sutherlandia microphylla inquire
Swainsona formosa inquire
Symphoricarpos albus inquire
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium inquire
Symphyotrichum undulatum inquire
Symphytum caucasicum inquire
Symphytum officinale inquire
Syncarpha gnaphaloides inquire
Syncarpha vestita inquire
Syringa vulgaris inquire
Tabebuia heterophylla inquire
Tabernaemontana crassa inquire
Tabernaemontana divaricata inquire
Tabernaemontana glandulosa inquire
Tagetes erecta inquire
Talinum calycinum inquire
Talinum napiforme inquire
Talinum parvulum inquire
Talinum sediforme inquire
Tamarindus indica inquire
Tamilnadia uliginosa inquire
Tanacetum bipinnatum inquire
Tanacetum vulgare inquire
Tapeinochilos ananassae inquire
Taraxacum campylodes inquire
Tavaresia grandiflora inquire
Taxus baccata inquire
Tecoma stans inquire
Teedia lucida inquire
Telopea truncata inquire
Templetonia retusa inquire
Tetrachne dregei inquire
Tetradenia riparia inquire
Teucrium fruticans inquire
Teucrium hircanicum inquire
Teucrium lucidum inquire
Teucrium massiliense inquire
Teucrium montanum inquire
Teucrium polium inquire
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium var. sibiricum inquire
Thalictrum fendleri inquire
Thalictrum lucidum inquire
Thalictrum macrocarpum inquire
Thalictrum rugosum inquire
Thelesperma megapotamicum inquire
Thelocactus bicolor inquire
Theobroma cacao inquire
Thermopsis mollis inquire
Thunbergia affinis inquire
Thymophylla pentachaeta inquire
Thymus serpyllum inquire
Thyridolepis mitchelliana inquire
Tilia dasystyla inquire
Tilia neglecta inquire
Tinospora sinensis inquire
Tiquilia greggii inquire
Titanopsis calcarea inquire
Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri inquire
Titanopsis luederitzii inquire
Titanopsis primosii inquire
Tocoyena pittieri inquire
Tolpis barbata inquire
Tordylium apulum inquire
Tordylium syriacum inquire
Torenia baillonii inquire
Townsendia incana inquire
Townsendia jonesii inquire
Trachymene coerulea inquire
Trachyspermum ammi inquire
Tradescantia spathacea inquire
Tragopogon porrifolius inquire
Tribolium hispidum inquire
Trichloris pluriflora inquire
Trichocereus grandis inquire
Trichodiadema densum inquire
Trichodiadema stellatum inquire
Tricholaena rosea inquire
Trifolium affine inquire
Trifolium alpinum inquire
Trifolium arvense inquire
Trifolium badium inquire
Trifolium burchellianum inquire
Trifolium campestre inquire
Trifolium dasyphyllum inquire
Trifolium dubium inquire
Trifolium hybridum inquire
Trifolium Medium inquire
Trifolium occidentale inquire
Trifolium pallescens inquire
Trigonella cretica inquire
Triolena hirsuta inquire
Tripora divaricata inquire
Tripterygium wilfordii inquire
Triticum aestivum inquire
Triticum boeoticum inquire
Triticum carthlicum inquire
Triticum dicoccon inquire
Triticum timopheevii inquire
Tritonia crocata inquire
Tritonia disticha inquire
Tritonia gladiolaris inquire
Trochomeria macrocarpa inquire
Trollius ircuticus inquire
Tubocapsicum anomalum inquire
Turbina corymbosa inquire
Turbinicarpus beguinii inquire
Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus inquire
Turbinicarpus valdezianus inquire
Turnera ulmifolia inquire
Turricula parryi inquire
Typha latifolia inquire
Uebelmannia pectinifera Subsp. flavispina inquire
Uebelmannia pectinifera var. crebispina inquire
Ulex parviflorus inquire
Ulmus parvifolia inquire
Uncarina grandidieri inquire
Urera baccifera inquire
Ursinia sericea inquire
Urtica pilulifera inquire
Vaccinium angustifolium inquire
Vaccinium myrtillus inquire
Valeriana officinalis inquire
Valerianella rimosa inquire
Vanheerdea roodiae inquire
Vanheerdia divergens inquire
Vasconcellea pubescens inquire
Velezia rigida inquire
Velleia paradoxa inquire
Verbascum acaule inquire
Verbascum arcturus inquire
Verbascum bombyciferum inquire
Verbascum chaixii inquire
Verbascum densiflorum inquire
Verbascum nigrum inquire
Verbascum phoeniceum inquire
Verbascum roripifolium inquire
Verbascum sinuatum inquire
Verbascum thapsus inquire
Verbena hispida inquire
Veronica spicata inquire
Veronicastrum virginicum inquire
Viburnum betulifolium inquire
Vicia cracca inquire
Vicia dumetorum inquire
Vicia hirsuta inquire
Vicia onobrychioides inquire
Vigna aconitifolia inquire
Vigna angularis inquire
Vigna caracalla inquire
Vigna mungo inquire
Vigna radiata inquire
Vigna umbellata inquire
Vigna unguiculata inquire
Vigna unguiculata Subsp. sesquipedalis inquire
Villadia imbricata inquire
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria inquire
Viola koraniensis inquire
Vitis acerifolia inquire
Vitis cinerea inquire
Vitis mustangensis inquire
Vitis riparia inquire
Vitis vinifera inquire
Voacanga bracteata inquire
Volutaria lippii inquire
Wachendorfia brachyandra inquire
Wachendorfia thyrsiflora inquire
Wahlenbergia capensis inquire
Wahlenbergia saxicola inquire
Waltheria indica inquire
Watsonia stenosiphon inquire
Watsonia tabularis inquire
Weberocereus imitans inquire
Weigela florida inquire
Welwitschia mirabilis inquire
Whiteochloa capillipes inquire
Wigandia urens inquire
Wisteria floribunda inquire
Withania aristata inquire
Withania somnifera inquire
Wrightia religiosa inquire
Yucca thompsoniana inquire
Yucca torreyi inquire
Yucca whipplei inquire
Zaluzianskya katharinae inquire
Zantedeschia sp. inquire
Zea diploperennis inquire
Zingiber officinale inquire
Zinnia acerosa inquire
Zinnia angustifolia inquire
Ziziphus spina-christi inquire