Porter Award

April 27, 2023

Porter Award

Nominations for the 2024 J. Roger Porter Award are open


June 28, 2024


This award recognizes outstanding efforts by a scientist who has demonstrated the importance of microbial biodiversity through sustained curatorial or stewardship activities for a major resource used by the scientific community. It honors the memory of the internationally known microbiologist J. Roger Porter (1909-1979) and his remarkable contributions to science.


The nominee will have greatly aided other scientists by demonstrating the fundamentals of culture collections and related resources and the rich biodiversity that such collections preserve. These resources may include collections of cells or microorganisms, databases or tools, or major reference works or services as an essential aspect of either one or more major publications or an extensive work effort.


A commemorative plaque and participation to a USCCN event where the award laureate will deliver a presentation/lecture.


One Nominator and two Supporters work with the Nominee to prepare the nomination documents. The Nominator should be a USCCN participant. Nominations must consist of the following:

  • A Curriculum vitae including a list of nominee’s publications.
  • A Letter of Nomination describing the nominee’s outstanding efforts demonstrating the importance of microbial biodiversity through sustained curatorial or stewardship activities for a major resource used by the scientific community.
  • Two letters of support from persons, other than the nominator, who are familiar with the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments.

Note: No more than one of the three letters required may come from the nominee’s institution, nor from the same institution.

Submission Process

Nominations should be submitted by a Nominator who is a participant in USCCN. All nomination packages must be submitted by email to award@usccn.org

A nomination package should include:

  • Nominee’s CV. The Nominee is encouraged to highlight publications and activities related to the subject of the award, such as publications about culture collections, and service in culture collection organizations.
  • A Letter of nomination (1 page long, on official letterhead).
  • Two letters of support (1 page long each, on official letterhead).

Self-nominations and more than one nomination per nominee will not be accepted.

Award Selection

The USCCN Steering Committee will review applications and select the awardee. The Awardee will be notified in August 2023.
The Award will be presented at a USCCN event.

Past Laureates

  • 2022 David Nobles
  • 2021 Kevin McCluskey
  • 2018 Nikos Kyrpides
  • 2017 Kyria Boundy-Mills
  • 2016 Jim Cole
  • 2015 David Labeda
  • 2014 Floyd E. Dewhirst
  • 2013 Lenie Dijkshoorn
  • 2012 Stephen J. Giovannoni
  • 2011 David Smith
  • 2010 William “Barny” Whitman
  • 2009 Richard W. Castenholz
  • 2008 James T. Staley
  • 2007 Mitchell Sogin
  • 2006 Martin Dworkin
  • 2005 David R. Boone
  • 2004 Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera
  • 2003 Gary J. Olsen
  • 2002 Erko Stackebrandt
  • 2001 Robert A. Samson
  • 2000 Phyllis W. Pienta
  • 1999 Wolfgang Ludwig
  • 1998 Michael Goodfellow
  • 1997 Shung-Chang Jong
  • 1996 Noel R. Krieg
  • 1995 Robert E. Weaver
  • 1994 John Corliss
  • 1993 Alma Dietz
  • 1992 Mary Lechevalier
  • 1991 Lawrence G. Wayne
  • 1990 Cletus P. Kurtzman
  • 1989 Richard Starr
  • 1988 W. E. C. Moore
  • 1987 R. G. E. Murray
  • 1986 Barbara J. Bachmann
  • 1985 John G. Holt
  • 1984 Herman J. Phaff
  • 1983 Ruth E. Gordon