Public Conference call

May 5, 2018

Public Conference call

USCCN Conference Call
May 5, 2018


NRRL status

Plans for the USCCN

Update $114K total and $92K direct. May need to rebudget as most is participant support

A meeting with the following topics

Data sharing options such as GBIF, GOLD, CODATA, Pubmed

Persistent identifier projects, such as RRID

Names for Life, DOI, GCM

Emerging Biobanking Standard ISO TC 276 ?

Engaging with genome sequencing projects like GEBA, 1000FG, and GCM 2.0

Sustaining the USCCN through fundraising and engaging philanthropy

Potential meeting dates and venue?
Maritime Conference Center ?
As to dates, August 20-24

A grant proposal to contribute DNA to sequencing projects above
Agency? RAPID? Scope? DNA? Type Strains?

Internship opportunities
Hosting labs?

Meeting attendance